What's your monthly focus?

How’s 2019 going so far for you?  Have you made resolutions?  Are they still happening?  Or have they been abandoned?
I’m not a big resolution maker because I haven’t found them to be highly successful in my life, though I do like the concept of the fresh start to the year.  With this in mind, I’ve been inspired by Gretchen Rubin’s Happiness Project and 26 Habits from Emma Gunavardhna to create what I’m calling Monthly Focus.

My favourite masks

Happy New Year!  Hope you enjoyed the festive season and are excited about the start of 2019.  I can’t believe it’s this time again!
What I also can’t believe is how many masks I had hiding in my bathroom cupboards!!!  When I started Merry Maskmas, I knew I had enough masks to make it into a thing, however I had no idea that I would trial and share thoughts on more than 30 masks!

Rise and shine

I love mornings.  And yes, I realise that some of you may not understand this statement at all.  I love the feeling of waking up early with a new day ahead, full of promise. Mornings are when I feel most productive.  But even I can find it challenging sometimes to leave my comfy bed, which is why I love my morning ritual to help ease me into the day.  

Summer skincare

Summer’s long, warm days encourage us to spend time doing activities specific to the season and as a result, we often curtail some of our regular routines, like skincare.  You’re probably wearing less make-up than normal, which may mean you spend less time cleansing and treating your skin each day.  In an attempt to maximise your outdoor fun, here are some summer skincare practices I like to employ to keep my skin looking good throughout the season.

Pack your bags

With long weekends in May and summer holidays approaching, you may soon find yourself heading out on the open road.  While I love to travel, I really don’t enjoy packing because it forces me to make hard choices if I want to stay within the weight requirements for baggage.  Yes, there has been more than one repack scenario at an airline check-in desk during my life.

Should you be using a toner?

Wondering if a toner could help your skin?  Toners are no longer considered a cleansing product to remove any last traces of make-up.  Today's formulations are considered treatment lotions, a first step in what you fortify your skin with and can help with balancing, exfoliating, hydration and enhancing penetration of moisturisers and serums.