What is your skin saying?

Have you ever found yourself looking in the mirror wondering about a change in your skin? What’s going on? Why is that there? I’m not talking about the appearance of a fine line, but rather when skin seems to be dry suddenly? Or breaking out? Or flushed? While there are many reasons why our skin changes, here are a few of the top causes to keep in mind when you’re trying to problem solve.

By the seashore

I’m currently enjoying some time with my family at the beach. This is a favourite summer activity and I always look forward to sunsets with a cocktail in hand, bicycles as a regular form of transport and swimming in the ocean.

Another consistency in this annual gathering is that my mother will suggest that whatever is ailing you can be cured with salt water.

Easy does it

Last time, I wrote about giving new products a month to deliver results for your skin. Alongside this, I feel it’s important to consider how your skin may react to active ingredients, such as retinol or alpha hydroxy acid. Because of the nature of the ingredients, skin can react quickly which causes us to conclude it’s not for us. However, this may just be our skin showing that it is benefitting from and improving with the ingredients and perseverance is required.

Timing is everything

Is it just me or do you get overly excited when trying out a new skincare product?  Anxious to see if the benefits will live up to the claims, every time a jar is opened or a bottle dispenses, I hope the contents will be my face’s new best friend. While what’s inside is very important to this determination, another key component is time and so I want to encourage you not to expect an overnight transformation.

Summer schedule

Can you believe summer is finally here? Whether winter is mild or brutal, more daylight is always welcome when we finally reach this point in the calendar.  While we may pine for this season during less clement months, summer can still sneak up on us, which is why I’m once again encouraging some strategising as we enter this new time.

Playing footsie

As the weather gets warmer and our wardrobe changes, so does our footwear.  After months of socks, tights and boots, the idea of sandals and flip flops is welcome.  However, you may be thinking your feet aren't quite ready for the big reveal.  One obvious solution to prepare them is with a pedicure, however in the same way that a facial should be supplemented with good skincare at home, your feet deserve regular attention as well.