dry skin

Winter skin saviours

Although we may not be at the winter solstice yet, the weather outside is starting to look frightful.  And playing havoc with our skin.
I have written before that as the seasons change, so should our skincare.  Hopefully, you’ve already taken notice of this and have upped your skin hydration game as needed.  What can get missed in this seasonal exchange is body care, which I wanted to make note of today.

Hand gestures

In the winter, my hands can become as chapped as my lips.  Even though I apply facial serum and moisturiser to my hands on a daily basis (just what’s left on my palms), when the mercury drops and the air gets drier, I need to pay special attention to maintain softness.  Particularly as rough hands make for a less than enjoyable treatment for my clients. 

Hydrate your skin while you sleep

In the winter months, we often find out skin can become dehydrated easily thanks to chilly temperatures and dry air.  While a winter skincare routine is essential, sometimes we need an additional boost.  For this challenge, I like to apply a sleeping mask (or sleep pack as it’s called in Korean skincare).