Spotlight on: peptides

I’m continuing my series on skincare ingredient information so that you’ll know more the next time you make a purchase. Today, I want to explain why peptides are important.
Peptides are fragments of proteins which create a foundation for our skin.  Without them, skin loses firmness and bounce, wrinkles appear and skin texture changes.  Not only can peptides help bolster how skin looks, they also remind skin how it behaved before the age of 25.

Are there toxins in your skincare?

Previously, I’ve written about what ingredients you should look for in skincare when you’re searching for something new.  Since I also get questions from clients about whether they should avoid certain ingredients, I wanted to share my thoughts about this.

What you should (and shouldn't) eat to keep your skin looking great

Last time, I wrote about key skincare ingredients to help you look radiant.  While applying the right products to our skin is important, equally important is what we eat.  Our epidermis is built from within and the creation of our skin cells is dramatically affected by what we put into our bodies.
Perhaps you’ve experienced a breakout or redness the morning after the night before.  While this immediate impact may help you make better dietary choices in the future, it’s also important to know that eating some foods may not show on your skin immediately, but lasting impact is happening internally. 

Always read the label

I’ve written previously about establishing a skincare routine, which I am sure you have down pat now!  When you chose the items to use in your routine, it is likely that you selected tried and true brands that you have known and loved for years.  Or maybe something recommended by a mother, sister or friend.
But have you ever had that moment when you feel like your favourite item isn’t working like it used to?  This is generally because your skin adjusts to the ingredients in the product and over time, the moisturiser (or whatever the item in question is) doesn’t have the same effect.  When you go on the hunt for a replacement, it’s worth selecting something with ingredients that will really benefit your skin.