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Creating the perfect canvas

It’s nearly a week since it happened, but we can still talk about the royal wedding, right?  What a beautiful, touching ceremony held on a spectacularly gorgeous day.  And while I could spend many more hours talking about everything that happened on 19 May, my connection to the wedding right now is all about skin. Particularly, how amazing the Duchess of Sussex looked in her decidedly no make-up look.

Invest in your skin today

If you look almost anywhere these days, you’ll find ways to “solve” many skincare issues.  Whether you want to lighten pigmentation thanks to too much sun, remove the “11s” between your brows that make you look permanently angry or lift what is falling, there seems to be a product or treatment that can “reverse” the ageing process and / or undo damage you may have inflicted on your skin during the folly of youth.

What you should (and shouldn't) eat to keep your skin looking great

Last time, I wrote about key skincare ingredients to help you look radiant.  While applying the right products to our skin is important, equally important is what we eat.  Our epidermis is built from within and the creation of our skin cells is dramatically affected by what we put into our bodies.
Perhaps you’ve experienced a breakout or redness the morning after the night before.  While this immediate impact may help you make better dietary choices in the future, it’s also important to know that eating some foods may not show on your skin immediately, but lasting impact is happening internally.