Creating the perfect canvas

It’s nearly a week since it happened, but we can still talk about the royal wedding, right?  What a beautiful, touching ceremony held on a spectacularly gorgeous day.  And while I could spend many more hours talking about everything that happened on 19 May, my connection to the wedding right now is all about skin. Particularly, how amazing the Duchess of Sussex looked in her decidedly no make-up look.

Lip service

While I’ve got my face hydration programme down pat, with season and travel modifications, I have routinely been plagued by dry lips, particularly in autumn and winter.  In the spring and summer, they stay fairly well hydrated, but with the slightest dip in temperature, they seem to lose all moisture retention properties.

Why water should always be your first beverage of choice

Recently, I had a conversation with a client about cleansing and hydrating waters for the skin (see my post on micellar and thermal waters if you want to learn more).  This segued into the importance of internal hydration and I realised how many client consultations reveal that we aren’t always reaching the goal of consuming 2 litres per day.