Rise and shine

I love mornings.  And yes, I realise that some of you may not understand this statement at all.  I love the feeling of waking up early with a new day ahead, full of promise. Mornings are when I feel most productive.  But even I can find it challenging sometimes to leave my comfy bed, which is why I love my morning ritual to help ease me into the day.  

Creating the perfect canvas

It’s nearly a week since it happened, but we can still talk about the royal wedding, right?  What a beautiful, touching ceremony held on a spectacularly gorgeous day.  And while I could spend many more hours talking about everything that happened on 19 May, my connection to the wedding right now is all about skin. Particularly, how amazing the Duchess of Sussex looked in her decidedly no make-up look.

My self-care story

Recently I wrote about the importance of self-care and since I had so many replies about this topic, I thought I would share what I learned when I found my own personal regime being tested in a way I’m not used to.  Because I love a schedule (I’m an upholder afterall) and my life generally allows me to focus on me, carving out time for self-care isn’t usually a problem. 

Why sleep matters each and every night

When I meet a client for the first time, I always ask about sleep habits.  How many hours do you get per night?  Do you fall asleep easily?  Do you stay asleep once you’re asleep? 
Sleep is one of our most important body functions to keep everything in sync and sadly, it is chronically undervalued in today’s 24/7 world.  Research says adults need 7 to 9 hours per night, however about 40 per cent of us get less than this each night.