The foundation of skincare: vitamins A and C

We’ve gone through a variety of skincare ingredients (azelaic acidferulic acidniacinamidesqualane) in recent editions of Wellness Words to help you understand how to target specific skin issues.  This time we're talking about a dynamic duo: vitamins A and C.  I believe these two fundamental ingredients belong in every skincare regime.

Looking for something new to try?

When I see clients for facials, we always discuss skincare routines as I want to be sure they maximise their homecare programme.  Between these conversations and Wellness Words, I find myself consistently referring to products I know will make a difference.  So I thought it would be helpful to create a reference section on my website.

Invest in your skin today

If you look almost anywhere these days, you’ll find ways to “solve” many skincare issues.  Whether you want to lighten pigmentation thanks to too much sun, remove the “11s” between your brows that make you look permanently angry or lift what is falling, there seems to be a product or treatment that can “reverse” the ageing process and / or undo damage you may have inflicted on your skin during the folly of youth.

What's the fuss with Korean skincare?

Magazines and the internet abound with information about skincare innovations courtesy of Korea.  A big focus has been on the 10-step (or more!) routine that many women there follow on a daily basis.

When do I apply? How much do I apply? Do I have to wait?

With so many skincare treasures to use on our faces, I am often asked about the order in which to apply products, the amount to use and whether waiting between steps is necessary.  I thought it might be helpful to collate the information, so you have an easy reference point.

Do you: apply facial essence?

We’ve made it through Blue Monday (hurrah!) and while the days really are getting longer (sunset isn’t till 4:27 pm today), chilly temperatures let us know we’re still in deepest, darkest winter. 
With all the time we’re spending indoors right now, I find this season to be perfect for supersizing my skincare routine.  While I still advocate a basic skincare practice, shortened daylight hours inspire me to apply face masks more regularly and spend extra time on facial massage.  I’m also loving the addition of a new product to my routine: facial essence.

How often should you get a facial?

Whenever someone asks what I do for work, my response is usually followed-up with questions about pressing skincare needs, such as: 

How do I get rid of this spot (don’t touch it!)?
What can I do to keep from ageing (use sunscreen EVERY day)?
Do I really need to wash my face in the morning (1,000 times yes)?

One of the other common questions I’m asked is how often to get a facial.