Invest in your skin today

If you look almost anywhere these days, you’ll find ways to “solve” many skincare issues.  Whether you want to lighten pigmentation thanks to too much sun, remove the “11s” between your brows that make you look permanently angry or lift what is falling, there seems to be a product or treatment that can “reverse” the ageing process and / or undo damage you may have inflicted on your skin during the folly of youth.

Removing the mask to reveal brighter skin

And now, my final piece on developing a home skincare routine (well, final for now...).  Today’s topic, masks, is just like previous writings on toner and exfoliation.  Masks can be added into your routine with great benefit to your skin, but they aren’t essential, if you don’t have the time or patience.

Should you be using a toner?

Wondering if a toner could help your skin?  Toners are no longer considered a cleansing product to remove any last traces of make-up.  Today's formulations are considered treatment lotions, a first step in what you fortify your skin with and can help with balancing, exfoliating, hydration and enhancing penetration of moisturisers and serums.