Hand gestures

In the winter, my hands can become as chapped as my lips.  Even though I apply facial serum and moisturiser to my hands on a daily basis (just what’s left on my palms), when the mercury drops and the air gets drier, I need to pay special attention to maintain softness.  Particularly as rough hands make for a less than enjoyable treatment for my clients. 

Lip service

While I’ve got my face hydration programme down pat, with season and travel modifications, I have routinely been plagued by dry lips, particularly in autumn and winter.  In the spring and summer, they stay fairly well hydrated, but with the slightest dip in temperature, they seem to lose all moisture retention properties.

Removing the mask to reveal brighter skin

And now, my final piece on developing a home skincare routine (well, final for now...).  Today’s topic, masks, is just like previous writings on toner and exfoliation.  Masks can be added into your routine with great benefit to your skin, but they aren’t essential, if you don’t have the time or patience.