Sun Protection

Here comes the sun

You know I never miss an opportunity to talk about sunscreen as skincare.  It is key component of even the most basic routine and I believe it is one product no one should go without.  So when social media told me that May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month, I knew this was my chance to return to my favourite topic.

Seeing the light

You may have read about about LED (light-emitting diode) treatments that answer a variety of skin issues including acne, rosacea and life lines on social media and in beauty mags.  Have you wondered whether the technology actually works?  After all, the tools are not inexpensive and professional treatments require very regular appointments.  Well, based on my personal experience and research about how it works, I can say yes, it does achieve results.

Fading what the sun leaves behind

Now that summer is officially over, you may be noticing a few lingering dark spots on your face, hands and chest, even after your beach glow fades.  This is known as pigmentation and is a direct result of sun exposure, specifically UVA, or ageing, rays.  

Looking for something new to try?

When I see clients for facials, we always discuss skincare routines as I want to be sure they maximise their homecare programme.  Between these conversations and Wellness Words, I find myself consistently referring to products I know will make a difference.  So I thought it would be helpful to create a reference section on my website.

Is this the holy grail of SPF?

Summer’s here and that means it's the easy season to apply sunscreen every day.  With longer daylight hours and more time spent outside, most of us are quick to include it as part of our morning routine.
However, this often feels like a chore thanks to product formulation.  When I’m sitting on the beach, a hat can hide the white glow left by physical sunscreens.  And the sticky feeling on my limbs after application is just about bearable, but I'm sure it causes more sand to stick to me.

Hello, Summer!

Hope you are enjoying the longest day of the year.  Finally, the season we dreamed of during the dark and cold days of winter is with us.  It’s time to take full advantage of the Vitamin D and warm temps.
Less always seems to be more in summer, which is why this is the perfect season to lighten up your makeup, opting for a tinted moisturiser instead of foundation, so you don’t find yourself melting during the day.  My summer routine pares down to a touch of concealer and of course, bronzer. With tinted lashes, I often skip the mascara.  

Creating the perfect canvas

It’s nearly a week since it happened, but we can still talk about the royal wedding, right?  What a beautiful, touching ceremony held on a spectacularly gorgeous day.  And while I could spend many more hours talking about everything that happened on 19 May, my connection to the wedding right now is all about skin. Particularly, how amazing the Duchess of Sussex looked in her decidedly no make-up look.

Spring skincare

After our recent stretch of sun, it does seem like spring has really arrived in London.  Let's hope it's the warm-up for a great summer!
Spring is the perfect time for a review of our skincare routine to ensure it is fit for the new season.  Winter months require more hydration and care to keep skin from drying out, while sunshine and warmer temps let you dial this back.

Invest in your skin today

If you look almost anywhere these days, you’ll find ways to “solve” many skincare issues.  Whether you want to lighten pigmentation thanks to too much sun, remove the “11s” between your brows that make you look permanently angry or lift what is falling, there seems to be a product or treatment that can “reverse” the ageing process and / or undo damage you may have inflicted on your skin during the folly of youth.

Do you: use retinol?

Whenever I’m asked about skincare, I inevitably suggest products containing Vitamin A.  This dynamo ingredient strengthens skin, stimulates collagen and elastin and locks in moisture.  Retinol is a super-strength form of Vitamin A and while it requires patience during usage, the results truly justify its delicate handling.