Summer schedule

Can you believe summer is finally here? Whether winter is mild or brutal, more daylight is always welcome when we finally reach this point in the calendar.  While we may pine for this season during less clement months, summer can still sneak up on us, which is why I’m once again encouraging some strategising as we enter this new time.

Hello, Summer!

Hope you are enjoying the longest day of the year.  Finally, the season we dreamed of during the dark and cold days of winter is with us.  It’s time to take full advantage of the Vitamin D and warm temps.
Less always seems to be more in summer, which is why this is the perfect season to lighten up your makeup, opting for a tinted moisturiser instead of foundation, so you don’t find yourself melting during the day.  My summer routine pares down to a touch of concealer and of course, bronzer. With tinted lashes, I often skip the mascara.  

Summer skincare

Summer’s long, warm days encourage us to spend time doing activities specific to the season and as a result, we often curtail some of our regular routines, like skincare.  You’re probably wearing less make-up than normal, which may mean you spend less time cleansing and treating your skin each day.  In an attempt to maximise your outdoor fun, here are some summer skincare practices I like to employ to keep my skin looking good throughout the season.

Design your summer

Do you still get that end-of-school excited feeling as summer approaches?  With longer days, the season naturally encourages us to meet up with friends, spend more time al fresco or simply do something that’s out of our normal routine.  But this can be a bit random and at the end of August, I often find myself wishing I’d done more with the 12 weeks of the season.  So my suggestion is to design your summer.

Prolonging your summer glow

With summer holidays over and autumn rolling in, you are probably trying to preserve any colour the sun brought out in your skin.  However you also may have noticed that where you once saw bronze goddess, you skin is now looking a bit dull.  Here are a few things you can do to savour your tan and keep you J-Lo glow.

Help! I'm melting!!!

With summer comes the expectation of lots of sunshine and hot, humid days.  At least in the summer that I know best.  However, when I started to write this piece, I had just been caught in a hailstorm.  In July. 

While I usually love applying “my face”, in warmer times, it can be hard to work up motivation for a full face of make-up.  Particularly as I find that foundation and powder can melt in the heat, leaving my skin looking patchy, which is not exactly the look I’m going for.  Often, my choice is simply moisturiser and sunscreen, but on the days when I don’t want to be bare faced, I have found a reliable combination of products to keep me covered and cool.