Summer schedule

Can you believe summer is finally here? Whether winter is mild or brutal, more daylight is always welcome when we finally reach this point in the calendar.  While we may pine for this season during less clement months, summer can still sneak up on us, which is why I’m once again encouraging some strategising as we enter this new time.

You can fit it all in your liquids bag

With our first spring bank holiday arriving tomorrow, now begins the time for getaways and summer holidays.  Always a welcome relieve after a long winter!

While I love travelling, I don’t love packing and one of my biggest challenges is getting my make-up and skincare to fit in a suitcase, leaving enough room for clothes and whatever else I need. 

Pack your bags

With long weekends in May and summer holidays approaching, you may soon find yourself heading out on the open road.  While I love to travel, I really don’t enjoy packing because it forces me to make hard choices if I want to stay within the weight requirements for baggage.  Yes, there has been more than one repack scenario at an airline check-in desk during my life.