Do you: apply facial essence?

We’ve made it through Blue Monday (hurrah!) and while the days really are getting longer (sunset isn’t till 4:27 pm today), chilly temperatures let us know we’re still in deepest, darkest winter. 
With all the time we’re spending indoors right now, I find this season to be perfect for supersizing my skincare routine.  While I still advocate a basic skincare practice, shortened daylight hours inspire me to apply face masks more regularly and spend extra time on facial massage.  I’m also loving the addition of a new product to my routine: facial essence.

Prolonging your summer glow

With summer holidays over and autumn rolling in, you are probably trying to preserve any colour the sun brought out in your skin.  However you also may have noticed that where you once saw bronze goddess, you skin is now looking a bit dull.  Here are a few things you can do to savour your tan and keep you J-Lo glow.