What's your monthly focus?

How’s 2019 going so far for you?  Have you made resolutions?  Are they still happening?  Or have they been abandoned?
I’m not a big resolution maker because I haven’t found them to be highly successful in my life, though I do like the concept of the fresh start to the year.  With this in mind, I’ve been inspired by Gretchen Rubin’s Happiness Project and 26 Habits from Emma Gunavardhna to create what I’m calling Monthly Focus.

Transitioning to a new season

Have you awakened this morning with the same feeling I had?  How can it be September 1st?  Didn't summer just begin last week?  How did we get here so quickly?  Autumn is around the corner, whether we’re ready for it or not.  (Full disclosure: I am currently maximising my summer.  As you read this, I am finishing up my beach holiday, taking in as much Vitamin D as I can – with proper sun protection, obviously!)

Spring is coming!

With the arrival of each season, we have an opportunity to pause and contemplate the past few months.  It can be quite easy for days to blend into weeks into months and this is how we find an entire year slips by too quickly.  I would like to suggest you take some time at the start of this season (and each season this year) to acknowledge the change that's happening.