If eyes are the window to the soul, are feet the doorway to the body?

Would you be surprised to learn that pressing particular areas on your feet can relieve all kinds of concerns such as insomnia, PMT, poor digestion and backaches?

It’s all possible through reflexology.  By stimulating specific points on your feet, you will feel relief as your body returns to balance.  Plus, your feet will adore the attention.

I first experienced reflexology years ago during a spa treatment.  I was amazed how the therapist was able to erase the tightness in my shoulders by simply touching my feet.  Since then, reflexology has provided great relief to me on many occasions.

Now, I have had the opportunity to help clients with a variety of problems.  Treatments are tailored to each person to deliver maximum effect in relieving symptoms.  Some of my recent work has been to elevate mood, balance hormones, reduce stress, disperse neck tension, silence a persistent cough and eliminate the pain of gout.   

In addition to traditional foot reflexology, I also offer facial and ayurvedic treatments.  These sessions are highly relaxing and many clients actually fall asleep during treatment.

Facial reflexology uses a gentle touch on the face helping to restore calm and relieve stress, leaving the skin with a healthy glow.  Ayurvedic reflexology includes the application of oil to the feet for massage while stimulating reflex points and marma or energy points, to provide an uplifted feeling. 

As your body returns to balance after a treatment, reflexology will help eliminate toxins that your body is retaining.  Drinking extra water after a session helps your body to expel these.

If you have been suffering from something, perhaps it’s time to try a session of reflexology and experience its benefits.  Or maybe you're just in need of a highly relaxing treatment.  Further details about the treatments I offer can be found here

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