With roots tracing back to Egyptian times, reflexology works to alleviate aches and pains while stimulating healing throughout the body through treatment of reflexes in the feet and face. 

Reflexology is administered to encourage the body to heal itself for concerns such as back pain, headaches, IBS and digestive issues, PMT, colds and flu, joint pain, skin conditions, insomnia, stress and anxiety.  When dealing with specific issues, weekly sessions are often recommended to begin.

Reflexology is also used to ensure the body continues to perform as it is meant to.  If there is not a specific issue being managed, monthly or quarterly treatments are suggested.

Reflexology treatments last 50 minutes and cost £60

Ayurvedic Reflexology

Created using the principles of Ayurveda, the traditional healing system of India, this treatment stimulates reflex points on your feet while respecting the flow of prana and working energy centres (marmas) in the body.

After a foot bath, oil is applied to the feet and used throughout the treatment.  Circular and stroking motions offer a relaxing foot massage that leads many to a dreamlike state during the session.  A metal kasa bowl moves your energy and the treatment provides a deep connection between mind, body and spirit.

After working all of the body systems through your feet, addressing any specific concerns, your feet will be in a blissful, warm state as your body returns to balance.  Many clients leave with a renewed sense of energy. 

This treatment lasts 50 minutes and costs £60

Tech Support

Most of us hold tension in our shoulders and neck, thanks to long days at the desk and looking down at our devices.  This treatment will work directly on the affected areas to relieve muscle strain as well as helping to restore balance to the body with foot reflexology targeted for the back, neck and shoulders.

This 60-minute treatment costs £80

Facial Reflexology

This treatment is designed specifically to deal with feelings and symptoms of stress.  The session will seek to restore balance to areas most likely to be affected by stress: sleep, digestion, blood pressure, headaches and emotions. 

This session lasts 45 minutes and costs £50.  A 30-minute session may be added to any facial for £35

By appointment, Thursday through Sunday
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