While you expect a massage to relieve muscle ache and tension, the treatment will also stimulate blood and lymph circulation, which helps to remove body toxins.  In addition, skin cell turnover is encouraged, sensory nerve endings are stimulated and muscle tone is improved.  At the conclusion of the treatment, you will feel relaxed and your body will be grateful for the help and support you have given it.

Full body massage, aromatherapy massage with a specially blended massage oil and hot stone massage are available. Detox massage using silicone cups to assist lymph drainage is also available.

Your massage may be booked for 60, 75 or 90 minutes.  Sessions are priced at £80 for 60 minutes, £105 for 75 minutes and £140 for 90 minutes

Tech Support

Most of us hold tension in our shoulders and neck, thanks to long days at the desk and looking down at our devices.  This treatment will work directly on the affected areas to relieve muscle strain as well as helping to restore balance to the body with foot reflexology targeted for the back, neck and shoulders.

This 60-minute treatment costs £80

Essential Oil Back and Foot Massage

This treatment applies eight essential oils to the back and feet, creating an overall sense of wellness.  After the oils are applied, a light touch stimulates circulation and neurological activity working through body meridians to enhance the effectiveness of the oils as they are inhaled and absorbed into the skin.   The oils support your body’s response to stress and inflammation while boosting immunity and helping you to achieve homeostasis.  You will leave this treatment in a relaxed state of calm, layered in the scents of essential oils.

This 30-minute treatment costs £50


By appointment, Thursday through Sunday
Gift vouchers are available