While living in a big city is exciting and offers a myriad of activities, our skin can find this opportunity less stimulating.  With pollution, free radicals and other environmental factors disrupting our skin’s work, it is essential to have a daily personal skin care routine to keep skin as healthy and happy as possible.  Alongside your daily efforts, monthly facial treatments are recommended to help optimise your skin’s vitality.  For specific skin issues, more regular treatments may be suggested to achieve desired results.

Your First Appointment

Your first session includes a thorough consultation to better understand your skin and homecare routine along with your concerns and goals for treatment.  With this information, a custom facial will then be carried out, including a thorough skin cleanse and analysis.  After your specially chosen mask, accompanied by a massage for your arms and hands, a facial treatment to best support your skin and treatment goals will be performed.  Your treatment concludes with thorough skin moisturisation and a plan created specifically for you.

Your first treatment lasts for 2 hours and costs £130

Future Appointments

At future sessions, your treatment will follow your customised plan and will be selected from these options.  

Vitamin Enriched Facial

Your skin will be soaked with a specially-chosen vitamin serum, which is applied for deep penetration to help boost your skin's appearance and natural performance.  

This facial lasts for 90 minutes and costs £110

Express Facial

When you don’t have time for a full 90-minutes of face improvement, this session will still give you a deep skin cleanse with extractions and a cleansing mask. 

This facial lasts for 60 minutes and costs £70

Dewy Glow Facial

If your skin feels dry or tight and looks a bit dull, then this hydrating facial is just what you need.  At the end of the session, your skin will be plumped, moisturised and glowing thanks to a special serum specifically designed to provide this boost.  

This facial lasts for 90 minutes and costs £150

Notox Facial

If you’re noticing more forehead lines and crow’s feet than you are comfortable with, this is the facial for you.  A peptide-rich serum is applied to reduce muscle tension and help prevent new lines from forming.

This facial lasts for 90 minutes and costs £185

Calm, Cool and Collagen Facial

For all of use, our collagen production slows down starting at age 25.  This facial helps to increase its production, while softening fine lines and tightening lax skin, resulting in a younger appearance thanks to the peptide-rich serum used in the treatment.  For best results, a course of 12 weekly treatments is recommended.  

Initial Calm, Cool and Collagen facial lasts for 90 minutes and costs £130.  Weekly follow-ups last for 60 minutes and cost £80.  A 12-week treatment course is £800

Freshen-up Facial

This facial takes skincare lessons of the past and applies them to 21st century formulations to ensure you leave the session looking ready for the world.  Whether you’re dealing with rosacea, acne, sun damage or lines and wrinkles, this treatment will decongest the skin and leave a smooth surface.  Following your treatment, you’ll be able to top up the results at home with a homecare kit.

This facial lasts 75 minutes and costs £125

Detox Facial

If you are plagued with acne, scarring or deep skin congestion, this treatment will refresh your skin and help to alleviate these issues.

This facial lasts 90 minutes and costs £130

Teen Facial

Designed to deal with breakouts and congestion while providing balance for the skin, this facial provides a through skin cleansing and a customised homecare routine to optimise skin.

This facial lasts 60 minutes and costs £70    


Additional Services

If appropriate, microdermabrasion can be added to your treatment for £30.  This technique provides a deeper exfoliation of your skin for a fresher looking face at the end of your treatment.  

You may add 30 minutes of facial reflexology, specifically designed to reduce stress, to any facial for £35.


By appointment, Thursday through Sunday
Gift vouchers are available